Matrix Z’s has a line of unique brands that target the pool industry. It is a designer line of collections that work in harmony to create a beautiful pool environment. Please click below to see the list of standard sizes and edges

Coping Options:

We have an exclusive Shell Chip Blend for casting by it self or in addition to your favorite textures.

Pool Shell Chip Enhancement

Solid surfaces may be embellished with Gem quality crushed shells. Available in various sizes from fines to large size shell. Tumble crushed shell is incorporated in the manufacturing process of architectural tile, stone and terrazzo. It is also used in the jewelry and craft industries. With no two pieces being the same, each piece reflects their inherent natural luster and iridescence. Below we show the installation technique of SeaGems Shell Chips in an exterior pool.

Step 1
diamond brite application using aqua quartz

Step 2
applying shell chip
abalone mix

Step 3
application seeding steps

Step 4
trolling shell chip

Step 5
step trolling

Step 6
acid finish step

Step 7
before water fill

Step 8
finished pool

Plus an exclusive line of Pool Line Tiles

Specialty Gem

SeaTile Specialty Gem tiles are a unique thin veneer tile composition engineered to reveal a surface composition composed of natural shell, colored glass or other recycled elements for use in a number of interior and exterior applications.

Colors + Finishes

SeaTile Specialty Gem tiles come in 6 standard colors with options for with or without shell and in a standard gloss finish with or with out a micro bevel
Natural shell colorations may vary from piece to piece which enhances the natural beauty of the product.


SeaTile Specialty Gem tiles are available in standard sizes 6”x 6”, 6”x 12”, 12”x 12” and 24”x 24” and slabs as large as 4’x10′ which can be used for counter tops and unique water features.


SeaTile products offer limitless possibilities for use in design: Floor tiles, Vertical tiles, Pool Tile, water features & counter tops.

Installation + Maintenance

SeaTile Specialty Gem tiles are installed using standard grouts and mortars.


Black Sea

Blue Lagoon

River bed

Pacific Blue


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