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Sustainable Surfaces in Tile, Stone, and Pavers.

MATRIX Z is the USA source that creates extraordinary product brands which incorporate re-cycled shell and loose aggregates from our region and other regions of our planet that are processed into tiles, laminates and other use for a wide variety of industries. All the brands are introduced as a harmonious mix for use in interior and exterior design applications – for both residential and commercial applications.

The eco-friendly collections are composed of a variety of re-cycled elements in order to create a designer palette that can be used in harmony with each other in designs for use in interior and exterior applications for commercial and residential floor and wall applications.

These products designed by nature with the innovative hand of man “Haute Nature”. This is Nature re-defined in tile and stone. The company vision is to create a legacy that would incorporate artistic design along with respect for our natural coral and other shell resources utilizing innovative technologies in its processes. We market our designs to the A & D community and other industries worldwide.

SeaStone® products are cementitious stones containing a proprietary admixture using natural fossil shell and other aggregates which vary from piece to piece designed to replicate the appearance of natural stone. An enhanced manufacturing process applies tons of pressure to each unit, fusing the aggregates and fossils together which simulates a natural occurrence. This unique process ensures a more durable product with high compression strength and low water absorption qualities thus providing an alternative to the use of natural stone.

SeaTile® A unique collection of natural shell tiles and man-made composition tiles which incorporate crushed shell and other aggregates. The natural shell tile collections… ceramic back laminates, polished mosaic shell, seamless shell and capiz shell are designed for interior use and the specialty gem series and other composition tiles are designed for both interior and exterior applications. Each collection is designed as a complement to our brand SeaStone®. These brands together are designed to harmonize design and may be incorporated in both residential or commercial designs.

SeaGems® Authentic gem quality crushed shell available in various sizes from fines to large size shell, tumbled crushed shell is incorporated in the manufacturing process of architectural tile, stone,terrazzo, it may also be used in enhancement of the swimming pool finishes. With no two pieces being the same, each piece reflects their inherent natural luster and iridescence. Products are available in a proprietary mix of abalone or other natural shells designed for applicationusing standard industry practices.

A unique designed fusion of the SeaTile Specialty Gem Collection and the SeaStone Collection engineered for interior and exterior application use, such as counter slabs and table tops. May also be used as edge trim. The top finish is composed of the ¼” Gem slab in our various colors shown in that series and then fused with the cement tile base collections shown in the SeaStone Collection.