SeaGems Jewelry

The sea shell revered for its beauty, crafted by man and worn as adornment for centuries. Amazing as nature is, no two are alike. A portrait as individual as your fingerprint.

Surround yourself with the beauty of nature SeaGems®, products from the sea and to be “sea n”

Jewelry ranges in authentic colors of Abalone-Pearl, White Mother of Pearl, and iridescent Abalone-Paua.
The kaleidoscope of colors changes when lighting varies or when viewed from different angles. Due to the nature of shell, each piece is unique.

Samples of Shell Jewelry available assembled or as component parts.

Gem Case: Each case comes with a certificate of authenticity, the base is rhodium plated and engraved with the artists’ insignia. The interior finish is pearl finish with a unique fish tail or bi-valve hinge and a magnetic clasp. A memorable piece for that special person; encase a piece of the jewelry from our collection or a special keepsake that will be treasured from generation to generation. Approximately standard size shown: 3.5” L X 3” W (8mm*7mm).
To personalize your piece, custom engraving is available for an additional charge.