And then there was light...

Introducing SolarStone

Introducing “SolarStone” and ”SolarRocks” a glow in the dark enhancement to our SeaStone® Style line of products powered by Natural or Artificial light, suitable for exterior or interior applications, tiles & slabs or enhancement to other applications.

Our non-toxic photo-luminescent aggregates are introduced into our standard matrix that will transform our surfaces into an accent lighting source. Not visible by day but an amazing surprise at night – an eco-friendly option for ambient light for your projects.

The effectiveness of the glow is affected by the ambient light source and surroundings . The light it radiates will last a number of hours and within the product will last indefinitely with proper design use and care.

Water base or solvent penetrating Sealers are recommended.

Two standard colors available for night vision a soft green or an aqua blue.

”SolarRocks” are also available and specially formulated from our mix design and available in crushed rock and sizes from a standard size of1/8”– 1/2″. Applications are only limited by your imagination…. Suitable for use in poured in place concrete, swimming pool finishes andcoping accents, signage, stair edge highlights or for other applications where an evening glow is desired “naturally”. Contact us for more information.

“SolarStone” Shown in ShellStone in Daylight

“SolarStone” Shown in ShellStone at Night

“SolarStone” Aqua Glo Shown in ShellStone at Dusk

“SolarStone” Starfish Fossil Shown in Daylight

“SolarStone” Starfish Fossil Shown at Night

“SolarStone” Molded Scallop Fossil Shown at Night

“SolarRocks” Crushed Rocks Shown at Night

For more information contact us.

Notes: products are produced from natural aggregates therefore no two pieces are alike; shading and or slight imperfections may be apparent and are a natural occurrence which enhances the natural quality of the material and should not be considered a defect. Please refer to our published technical data and warranty. This product is “madeto order”, please allow 10-12 weeks production time. All sizes shown are nominal. Matrix Z, llc makes no guarantee or warrantee expressed or implied, including without limitation, warranties of fitness or merchantability with respect to these products. Photo productions may differ from actual product. 

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