SeaTile Collection Introduction

SeaTile Natural Shell Series

SeaTile® Natural Shell products are recommended for use as decorative wall enhancements designed for INTERIOR USE ONLY for both residential and commercial applications. They can be used on furniture and vertical surfaces, such as walls and columns. Tiles may be used in water oriented areas like kitchens and baths; however they should NOT be used in areas of high intensity heat or where harsh chemicals are applied. These products are typically used as wall application veneers or enhancements (listellos) and as a compliment to other hard surface products such as tile and stone. Each style and each tile has its own unique visual properties.


SeaTile® Natural Shell products are from natural shell waste byproduct derived from the fishing industry. It is uniquely processed in various manufacturing methods that allow a multitude of applications and uses in a range of industries. These products are uniform in size and hand made from natural shell which cast opalescent and iridescent shades of color, therefore shading, and/or color variation is a natural and expected occurrence which enhance the quality and appearance of the product.

SeaTile® is Class A fire rated under ASTM E-84. Due to the natural variance of the raw materials used, SeaTile® products can be expected to differ from sample to actual product and may differ piece to piece.

SeaTile Specialty Tile Gem Series

Gem Tiles & Slabs are a unique thin veneer composition.  The tile is engineered to reveal a surface composition composed of natural shell, colored glass or other recycled elements for use in a number of interior and exterior applications.  The Gem Series is available in exciting colorations and sizes up to 4’x10′ offering limitless possibilities for use in design.  Products may be installed using standard mortar and grouts.

SeaTile Collection

SeaTile Collection

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