SeaStone Collection Introduction

SeaStone® products are cementitious stones containing a proprietary admixture using natural fossil shell and other aggregates which vary from piece to piece designed to replicate the appearance of natural stone. An enhanced manufacturing process applies tons of pressure to each unit, fusing the aggregates and fossils together which simulates a natural occurrence. This unique process ensures a more durable product with high compression strength and low water absorption qualities thus providing an alternative to the use of natural stone.

SeaStone products are engineered for public and private use for interior and exterior horizontal, vertical, wet and dry installations. The full line of matching edging and trim provides limitless design capabilities.

SeaStone products are manufactured metrically, with standard thicknesses of 1” (25mm) for mortar applications and 1.5” (38mm) for mortar and/or sand bed applications. Additionally, an 8” x 8” x 2″ (51mm) thick paver is offered for vehicular use in sand bed applications.

The SeaStone Collection is designed as a mix and match series of styles which incorporates the fossil shell and other aggregate sources in

The SeaStone Collection is designed as a mix and match series of styles which incorporates the fossil shell and other aggregate sources in your choice of color base – natural white, buff or gray. The standard collection is offered in the following series; ShellStone, GlasStone, ReefStone and LimeStone. The ShellStone GlasStone and LimeStone Series reveal the beauty of shells and glass through a high quality, machine finished surface, while the ReefStone Series exhibits a finish consistent with a natural mined coral or coquina. Additionally our Custom Series and special enhancement Sea Creature Fossil Series completes the designer line.

SeaStone is an eco-friendly product serving as a green alternative that helps alleviate the disadvantages associated with mined stone. The shell and other marine fossils that form the foundation are natural fossil waste products derived regionally and outside the USA. Post industrial glass is utilized in the process, which is tumbled to replicate natural sea glass. The result is an eco-friendly tile product that reveals the translucent, light refracting qualities of glass and natural beauty of shell.

SeaStone ® products offer the following features through design and engineering:

  • Made in the USA – utilizing natural shell and other recycled waste resources available regionally and worldwide
  • Hydraulically manufactured; calibrated and rectified through automated processes
  • Uniquely processed to provide a natural variation from piece to piece that replicates the appearance of natural stone such that no two pieces are alike
  • Available in flooring or paver thicknesses for vertical or horizontal applications
  • Full line of matching edging and trim provides limitless design capabilities above and below the water line
  • Enhanced color variations through the use of shell or glass – stones may be interchanged for versatility in design
  • Suitable for interior/exterior, wet/dry, and floor/wall applications
  • Freeze/thaw stable (ASTM C1026)
  • Slip resistant, dry or wet, COF is >0.65 (ASTM D-1028-84)
  • ASTM E 1980-01 meets or exceeds LEED requirement for SRI Heat Island effect (contributes 1 LEED point)
  • UV resistant
  • Stain, mold, mildew, and wear resistant (with proper sealing)
  • Cost effective due to versatility of use
  • Supported and tested by industry brand products for use in standard installation on grade or use with mortar
  • Eco-friendly, Emerald Award winner for Green Products and Practices

SeaStone Collection

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