LimeStone is a product in the SeaStone Collection and is a cementitious stone containing a proprietary admixture using minimal natural fossil shell and other aggregates which vary from piece to piece. This style is designed to replicate the appearance of mined LimeStone without all the disadvantages. An enhanced manufacturing process applies tons of pressure to each unit, fusing the aggregates and fossils together which simulates a natural occurrence. This unique process ensures a more durable product with high compression strength and low water absorption qualities thus providing an alternative to the use of natural stone.

Colors + Finishes

LimeStone is designed to be used as a mix and match  to the other styles in the SeaStone collection.  The unique coloration is in the formula of  fossil shell and other aggregates. Your choice of color base – natural white, buff or grey.  Finishes: Level 1 is the standard first run finish  that replicates the appearance of natural stone. and reveals the beauty of the shell or glass within its matrix and is recommended for the exterior applications. Level 2 The second level referred to as the Honed Finish is a matte appearance with a low sheen that enhances and deepens the coloration of the matrix of the product.  The Honed finish  is recommended for interior applications and may also be used for exterior applications.



SeaStone® products are manufactured metrically, with standard thicknesses of 1” (25mm) for mortar applications and 1.5” (38mm) for mortar and/or sand bed applications. Standard mold sizes range from a nominal 12″x12″ up to 24″x24″ format; additionally, an 8” x 8” x 2”(51mm) thick paver is offered for vehicular use in sand bed applications. The SeaStone collection also offers a range of handmade slab sizes to meet certain design features like counter tops or larger than standard flooring or trim.


SeaStone® products are engineered for public and private use for interior and exterior horizontal, vertical, wet and dry installations. The full line of matching edging and trim provides limitless design capabilities.

Installation + Maintenance

RECOMMENDED INSTALLATION METHODS: SeaStone 3/4” – 1” Flooring products are designed for standard industry masonry installation and installed in a manner similar to stone or marble, using comparable setting techniques. Latex modified adhesives and modified grouts are recommended to install our products per industry standards. Method of application will vary to suit the specific type of condition. We allow a minimal one eighth (1/8”) to one fourth (1/4”) joint space for joining most pieces.

Sealers are recommended before and after grout application to prevent staining. Only periodic resealing is necessary. Consult floor care product manufacturer for specific instructions and recommendations. Apply to clean and dry surfaces only. Sealers should be U/L listed as “slip resistant”. Please consult floor care product manufacturer for instructions on Polishing SeaStone after installation in order to meet the requirements of a safe walking surface of 0.5 anti-slip coefficient of friction. General aftercare requires cleaning with a neutral cleaner that has a Ph near 7 and that is free from harmful alkali, acids, etc. A non-detergent cleaner such as Spic and Span, which does not leave a soap film, may be used. We do not recommend pressure cleaning on exterior SeaStone product. Treat strains as soon as possible.

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SeaStone Shell LimeStone White shell stone paver or cement tile
SeaStone Shell LimeStone White shell stone paver or cement tile
SeaStone Shell LimeStone White shell stone paver or cement tile

For more information you can consult our Technical Performance Specs or click here if you want to Order Samples.

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SeaStone Shell LimeStone White shell stone paver or cement tile


SeaStone Shell LimeStone White shell stone paver or cement tile
SeaStone Shell LimeStone White shell stone paver or cement tile

Product photography and samples are to be used as a general guide. Color as well as percentage, size and shape of markings will vary. Sizes are nominal, not actual

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