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SeaTile Box Sets

Shell Tile Bisque 8x8 boxCapiz Shell 8x8 boxShell Tile polished mesh 8x8 boxShell Tile seamless 8x8 boxQuartz GEM 8X8 box

SeaTile Natural Shell Tile Series: Bisque Back Laminate: One piece of Each size tile depicts four natural colors in standard tile sizes displayed in a glass top jewelry case. Item Code: ST88GCB. Weight 2.6 lb.

SeaTile Natural Shell Tile Series: Capiz: Swatch set of each standard color displayed in a glass top jewelry case. Item Code: ST88GCC. Weight 1.6 lb.

SeaTile Natural Shell Tile Series: Polished Mesh: A collection of  Swatch cuts which depicts the Polished Shell line displayed in a glass top jewelry case. Item Code: ST88GCM. Weight 1.8 lb.

SeaTile Natural Shell Tile Series: Seamless Shell: A collection of 2" x 2" Tiles depicts patterns of the Seamless Shell Tile line displayed in a glass top jewelry case. Item Code: ST88GCS. Weight 2 lb.

SeaTile Gem Specialty Tile Series: A swatch set of standard colors composed of crushed granite, shell, glass and other recycled aggregates, displayed in a glass top jewelry case. Item Code: ST88GCG. Weight 2.8 lb.


SeaGems Sample Pack


SeaGems Sample Pack: Crushed Abalone shell sample bag. Weight 6 oz.

SeaStone Box Set


SeaStone Sample box: Item Code: SSB106BS: off cuts one each all styles and finishes in a 4" x 4" x 1" sample size. Flash drive included with photo gallery and technical data. Weight 9.2 lb.

SeaStone Trim Sample


SeaStone Trim: Item Code: SST : Off cut Piece depicts 4 standard edge styles for SeaStone Coping shown in 1.5" thickness - 1" available by special request. Weight 2 lb.


SeaStone 15" x 8" Trays

SeaStone Sample Tray: Three off cuts of the base colors of SeaStone, available in all series and three off cuts of the GlasStone Glass Blends available in any base color. All displayed in a wood tray. Weight 9 lb.

Swatch Cards

Capiz Swatch Card Sample Bisque Back Swatch Card Sample Gem Swatch Card Sample Seamless Swatch Card Sample Meshmounted Swatch Card Sample

Sample of each series shown - click on to enlarge

All Brand Swatch Display

Full Set swatch cards displaying all brands on 4"x6" swatches.

Flash Drive with Catalog and Product Info

flash drive

Matrix Z Flash Drive: Customized Flash Drive including Matrix Z's latest Catalog, Technical data for all our brands and a comprehensive photo gallery showing our products in use. Weight Nominal.

SeaStone Floor Display

stand up display

Holds up to 24" x 24" x 1" stones

SeaStone Floor Display: Showcases the SeaStone Brand standard styles & sizes contingent upon availability

Sample Counter Top Display

SeaTile Natural Shell Tile Series Table Top Display: A Series Collection depicts styles and patterns displayed in trays in an Clear 18"High x10" wide Acrylic Key Display. Weight 16 lb.


SeaStone Sample Board

Samples of all styles with trim piece showing all four edges available mounted on a 13"x13" hand held display board. Weight 7 lb.

Sustainable surfaces in tile, stone and pavers.

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