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March 30, 2018


As a proud contributor to the City of Ft Lauderdale Plaza located in Downtown Ft Lauderdale, Huizenga Park, we would like to state our appreciation, as a small business operating in this town for over forty years.  These changes such as the beautification of the center piece, across from the Museum of Art, would have not been possible without Mr. Huizenga and his incredible team, some of which are no longer with us today, but their legacy continues and sets an example how one person can make a difference.
Mr. Huizenga had been a role model for my company and others and because we recognized this early on, we contributed in 2001 our stone materials to the City of Ft. Lauderdale. We proudly display his thank you letter at our facility in Ft Lauderdale and continue to this day, model our business ethics and achievements after him.
We will miss his presence in our community and are proud to have been a small part of his accomplishments.


Huizenga Plaza, Florida USA


H. Wayne Huizenga
Spirit of Fort Lauderdale Fountain


Spirit of Fort Lauderdale Fountain

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H. Wayne Huizenga


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