Announcing our participation in the Resurrection of The Cardozo Hotel

South Beach, Miami Florida

Gracing Ocean Drive with all its vintage flair this historical hotel still stands above all others; it has been carefully re-designed from the ground up with restoration emphasis on historic preservation by the lead architect, utilizing incredible organic designs that incorporate today's New Age Materials; thus being able to re-create an atmosphere of incredible ambience. From the replication and display of movie photos of a by-gone era to vintage replication of the regions natural materials, the hardscape materials chosen, such as vintage terrazzo composed of re-cycled elements, complimented with an extensive use of authentic natural recycled shell tiles. These products were used throughout the design for both vertical and horizontal applications and incorporated extensively indoor, outdoor, throughout the common areas and including guest room furniture.  All designs were selected by the architect who challenged us to create product that live up to the historic preservation of the area and beyond.
We are proud to have been directly involved as the major supplier and in the product design process of such incredible and unique hardscape finishes with configurations of bars and surrounding furniture.
For further information about this project or to get in touch with the architect and designers, please contact us.

DSC_0198 squashed.JPGVIP_Bar squashed.JPGDSC_0004 squashed.JPGDSC_0084 squashed.JPG
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